How to report a debt via Trans messenger?


To report a debtor, click on More Options in the upper bar menu and then Report a debtor
Optionally, for Trans 5 version and in the browser application: Tools > Transinkasso > Report a debt.

Step 1

In the browser, a new page with the “Report a debtor” form will appear. Provide information on a debt and debtor, click on Next.

Step 2.

Provide reported debt invoice details. To add more invoices or debit notes, click on + Add more invoices.


You can also attach files with the documents required for debt collection ( unpaid invoices and/or debit notes, transport order/contract, CMR/Consignment note etc.).Simply, drag the file with the mouse and drop it in the marked area or click on “Add files”, select a file from your computer disc and click on “Open”.

After you finished adding invoices, click on Next.

Step 3.

In the following window look through the summary of your report and check if all the details are correct. Before you send the report make sure that you read and accepted the terms and conditions of the debt recovery service. To confirm check the box next to the statement and then click on “accept”.


Your report will be instantly sent to Transinkasso workers for processing to be started on the same day.

Before the report is accepted you need to download and sign the contract with Transinkasso for debt recovery services. Fill in two originals of the contract along with The Power of Attorney and send them to the address:


TransCash.eu SA
ul. Raclawicka 2-4
53-146 Wroclaw


To speed up the procedure, please send the signed copy of contract to info@transinkasso.eu”

Where is the information about debts published?

Step 1

To check if a company is on the Debtors list in the transport messenger, click on More options in the upper bar menu and then scroll down to the Debtors list(in the Trans 5 version and online version:Tools > Transinkasso)”

Step 2.

In the following window that will open up, you can see all the debt sale offers and/or by typing the details you can search for the debts sales offer for the company of your interest.”
The liability can be put up for sale only after signing The Contract for Debt Collection Services provided by TransCash.eu SA and submitting a debt report.


Can I report a debtor from outside the Trans System?


Transinkasso can undertake debt collection procedure against every national and foreign company regardless of whether they are Trans.eu users or not.
It is irrelevant where the transport offer was provided or the contract concluded and it does not affect the provision to be paid for debt collection services at the amicable stage.

What are the steps taken by Transinkasso to recover debts?


As a part of debt collection procedure, Transinkasso uses specific tools and methods applied in the order and as per requirement determined by each individual case. The primary objective of each debt report accepted for processing is to recover the receivable in the shortest time possible.
Some of the debt collections actions taken but not limited to are as follows:

1. At the amicable debt recovery stage:

2. At the pre-litigation debt recovery stage (applies only to Polish debtors)

What is the minimal amount to report a debtor?

The minimal amount for the debt to be reported is 100 EUR for national and foreign debts.

What documents are required to report a debt?

At the amicable stage, the documents required for reporting a debt typically include copies: