Effective and fast debt collection services dedicated to transport industry

Learn about 10 reasons why our offer is unbeatable

High rate of successful debt collection:

  • 77 MLN EUR in recovered debts
  • 83% of cases completed with success
  • 2700 cases per month result in debt repayment

Low commission, no hidden costs

No initial fees, no subscription charge.
10% of the recovered amount is the most competitive debt collection offer for transport industry.

Only within few days, your money will be transferred

65% of debts are recovered within 7 days from the case acceptance day.

Risk free, you pay only for successful debt recovery

Commission only charged for the collected receivables. You will not cover any expenses if we do not recover your money.

Excellent knowledge of transport industry

Since 2007 we have been committed to debt recovery dedicated to transport industry. Within this period we have completed 300 000 debt collection reports for our clients.

International Debt Collection

Equipped with the knowledge of international legal considerations, we are prepared to collect receivables from any European country. 10% commission remains the same regardless of debtor’s country of origin

Simple steps to submit debt for collection

Online access to our services allows you to report a debt instantly. You can track progress of your cases in the client’s panel.

We also provide services at the judicial and enforcement stage of debt collection

With cases requiring taking legal action, we guarantee comprehensible services and assistance provided by expert lawyers. On your behalf, we will obtain a writ of execution and conduct enforcementproceedings against Polish debtor.

Preventive stamp free of charge

To our clients we offer dedicated preventive stamp which is an effective tool used to improve payment discipline of business partners.

Free case evaluation

Entrusting us with your debt collection case to handle, you will receive a complimentary expert opinion and assessment of our case success potential.


Provide you personal data and we will contact you immediately

Transinkasso is an integral part of Trans.eu System

This makes us even more effective


Convenient debt report via Trans.eu system

All the Trans.eu clients can report a debt directly from Trans.eu platform


Exchange of Transport Liabilities

  • The only resource of information regarding payment habits of the transport clients
  • Opportunity to sell or buy a debt
  • An application for 30 000 clients of Trans.eu and Transinkasso from all over Europe

About us

About us

We are a team of experienced and compatible experts in the field of debt collection dedicated to TSL industry. For the past 8 years, we have been changing an everyday reality of hundreds polish and foreign transport companies by improving their financial security. Over 10 000 clients have trusted us already.